Reservation requests for the 2025 season can be made starting September 3rd at 8 am. Reservations requests for the 2024 are now being accepted only through the contact us form. Click on this banner for more information about the trips that are offered and how to request a reservation. Availability for Fisher Towers youth trips are noted under each trip description. Please read through all the information before contacting our office about reservations for next season.

One of our greatest assets--the outstanding individuals who work with us!

Our Guides

After you get to know them, we are sure you'll agree that our guides are one of our greatest assets. Guests' letters routinely compliment the warm and friendly personalities and professionalism of our guides. We hire responsible young adults with caring attitudes and exceptional people skills, and then we add in the technical knowledge necessary to provide the highest quality rafting trips in the industry. But our guides’ enthusiasm is what really breathes life and joy into a river trip. They are true outdoors people who love to have fun, appreciate the natural beauty of the rivers they run, and enjoy sharing their adventures with others.

Our guides come to us with a mix of worldviews, educational pursuits and life experiences. We build upon their strengths and interests to qualify them for the highest level of licensing possible. Extensive preseason training in river rescue, Advanced Wilderness First Aid, and CPR prepares our guides to confidently handle situations that may arise. They learn from in-house, nationally-certified instructors who have worked as professionals in Emergency Medical Service agencies during the off-season. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy the trip knowing that you are in good hands.

Training also includes an in-depth review of the natural and human history of the river canyons. Our guides can tell stories about the daring of early river runners, the hardships of homesteaders, the hidden lives of outlaws, the mystery of long-vanished Native Americans, and the shifting cultural climate surrounding river exploration from its very beginning. They can also introduce the cast of characters you’re likely to encounter on an expedition today. Hardy bighorn sheep, wispy willows, regal herons, delicate mayflies and whiskered tamarisk trees are just a few of the plants and animals that dance to the rhythm of the river’s ebb and flow. But human or animal lifespans are a grain of sand compared to the depth of geologic time evidenced by banded canyon walls. Our guides can read the stories of ages written in towering cliffs, cobbled beaches, and fluted formations. They still feel the same awe that you will experience when you first press your hand against an ancient sand dune made solid before dinosaurs even walked the earth.

And for the youngest adventurers in your crew, our guides have a full bag of tricks, games and activities. Whether it’s initiating an on-board dance party, splashy water fight, game of I-Spy, nature scavenger hunt, or drip castle contest, they know how to entertain young guests and provide an outlet for boundless energy and curiosity. No matter your age or occupation, you will find something to talk about with our guides. And you will be impressed by the hearty and delicious meals they whip up in the camp kitchen!

We are proud of our guides, and we know that you will enjoy spending time with this fine group of young people as you experience the excitement of a rafting trip together.