Reservation requests for 2024 are now being accepted only through the contact us form. Click on this banner for more information about the trips that are offered and how to request a reservation. Availability for Fisher Towers youth trips are noted under each trip description. Please read through all the information before contacting our office about reservations for next season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your trips less expensive than other Companies?

Providing the best experience possible at an affordable price is important to us. We accomplish this in several ways but mostly by lowering much of our overhead cost by being very involved as owners.

  • We answer our own phones eliminating the need for a large office staff.
  • We oversee and assist in the day-to-day operation of the company, no manager.
  • We personally train the new guides each season and guide ourselves when possible.
  • Our location is off of Main Street in Moab, avoiding the expense of main street property.

These practices combined with our desire to share what we have been blessed with, at a family friendly price, is how we offer the Best Value out there. We are friends with all the other companies and they do great trips as well, but you can rest assured that your experience with us will be second to none.

What is the best trip?

Each river expedition was selected for a specific scenic value or activity. Some are more tranquil, while others represent all-out adventure. In their own way, each is "best" for the wilderness activity involved, be it hiking, rafting or hummer tour. Each client has to gage his/her activity level and determine whether a motorized, rowing, paddle raft or inflatable kayak trip best suits their activity needs. Some questions to consider: How many days do you want to be on the river? Do you want to want to be in the red rock country of the southwest or the pine tree country of the north? Do you want to participate in your river trip or let the guide take you on your river journey. Answers to these questions will help determine which trip is best suited for you.

When is the best time to go?

Water conditions are determined by mother nature through run off of the snow pack and rain fall in the spring. Water levels and subsequent rapid intensity is higher in the spring-May and June, than July and August. However, the water will be warmer in July and August, making for better swimming and floating. Also, on some sections like Westwater Canyon the rapids can actually be better in lower water later in the summer.

What can we expect for weather?

Moab’s Canyon Country is known for its fantastic weather. In the spring and fall, daytime temperatures range from 60-80 degrees F, dropping to 30-50 degrees at night. Expect summer temperatures between 85 and 105 degrees during the day and 55-75 degrees at night. Rainstorms tend to be rare and short-lived in this area, but a light rain jacket may be handy for cool mornings or late afternoon showers. We recommend that you check the local weather before departing to see what is forecast during your trip. Always be prepared for the sun; wear sunscreen and a hat to protect your skin.

What sets World Wide apart from the others?

Year after year, we find that our two top sources of guests are repeat rafters and referrals by friends and family. This tells us that we are meeting our goals of creating comfortable environments for outstanding adventure experiences. How are we achieving these goals? Visit our "About Us" section for a short overview of the company and family philosophy which explains how we achieve this level of service and what sets us apart from other outfitters.

Will the whitewater meet my expectations?

A river trip is much more than just whitewater. In fact, on any raft trip, it constitutes only about a fourth of the total wilderness experience. Clients who appreciate wilderness beauty, who delight in discovery, who enjoy the camaraderie of others, who enjoy a camping experience and the preparation of camp cuisine will appreciate the quality of whitewater appropriate for the season of their trip. (High in the spring of the year, lower and more moderate in July and August) To enjoy all of the above first, we'll make whitewater, however large or small, seem like "frosting on the cake."