Reservation requests for the 2025 season can be made starting September 3rd at 8 am. Reservations requests for the 2024 are now being accepted only through the contact us form. Click on this banner for more information about the trips that are offered and how to request a reservation. Availability for Fisher Towers youth trips are noted under each trip description. Please read through all the information before contacting our office about reservations for next season.

Families that play together, stay together!

Family-Focused Adventures

Getting outside with kids isn't always easy, but we know how rewarding it can be! We understand the special needs of families and are committed to meeting those needs through budget-friendly prices, high safety standards, comfortable equipment, and friendly guides. Our company has become truly family-oriented after decades helping other families experience the joy of rafting together. And each of our seven kids has taught us something invaluable about traveling -- and just living -- with kids!

Fisher Towers Daily Expedition (1 day)

This popular section of the Colorado River is ideal for families looking for a fun introduction to rafting in a beautiful setting. Children as young as four years old delight in riding through splashy rapids in our larger rafts. Inflatable kayaks give more adventurous kids and parents the chance to enjoy bigger splashes and more independent exploration.

Fisher Towers Overnight Expedition (2 days, 1 night)

For families looking to dip their toes into the exciting world of multi-day rafting adventures, this trip takes the One-Day Fisher Towers section and adds a night of spectacular views from a riverside camp. Round out an exciting day of rafting with a tasty meal and cozy sleeping bags under the stars for a quick family vacation your kids will never forget.

Desolation Canyon

This section of the Green River is a favorite among families with a little more vacation time and kids ages five or six and older. You’ll encounter exciting rapids of varying intensity every day, interspersed with engaging hikes to ancient rock art and ruins left by early settlers of the canyon. Our guides will tailor the experience to match your family’s interests and abilities; for example, they know that most young kids will appreciate shorter hikes and more time to play on the beach. Depending on water levels, inflatable kayaks may add even more adventure.

Westwater Canyon

Families with adventurous kids at least twelve years old love the thrills of Westwater Canyon's fast-paced and explosive whitewater. Since most launches take place on Fridays, it’s the perfect weekend getaway for busy families with teenagers -- or for an adults-only escape. Depending on the water level and interest within the group, guided paddle boats may be used in place of rowboats for a more adventurous and hands-on ride.

Cataract Canyon

In the early summer, the Green and Colorado Rivers swell with runoff to create huge water and wild rides for families with older children. Later on, kids as young as seven or eight can build their dream sand castles on sand bars exposed by the falling water and still enjoy the excitement of big rapids mellowed by time. Depending on the water levels, inflatable kayaks and paddle boats may be used in later season trips.