Reservation requests for the 2025 season can be made starting September 3rd at 8 am. Reservations requests for the 2024 are now being accepted only through the contact us form. Click on this banner for more information about the trips that are offered and how to request a reservation. Availability for Fisher Towers youth trips are noted under each trip description. Please read through all the information before contacting our office about reservations for next season.

Moab's most popular rafting destination!

Fisher Towers Rafting Adventures

Be our guest on the Colorado River as we treat you to Moab’s most popular whitewater, a tasty riverside lunch, and magnificent scenery made famous by scores of movies and commercials. You may recognize the classic “Old West” canyon country from movies like “Wagonmaster” or John Wayne’s “Rio Grande.” This beautiful stretch of river borders Arches National Park on one side and several historic ranch properties on the other, all surrounded by wide-open public land. Seven to eight fun, splashy rapids provide an easy introduction to whitewater rafting, and in between you’ll find plenty of time for swimming, water fighting, soaking in the sun and taking in the views. After your trip, be sure to check out Moab Action Shots for photos of your ride through the biggest rapids of the day!

We offer several different options for those seeking a Fisher Towers adventure. Click the links below to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the classifications of the rapids?

Ranging from Class I to Class II, the rapids along this section are ideal for first-time rafters, families, and groups of varied ability.

What kind of boats will we be in?

Most guests will enjoy paddling together as the crew on a 16’ paddle raft steered from the back by one of our competent guides. Each trip includes an oar raft powered by a single guide to transport necessary gear and lunch supplies. Guests seeking a little more excitement can take a turn in an inflatable kayak, which offers more independence and makes the rapids seem even bigger. We include inflatable kayaks FREE of charge on these trips!

How hot or cold will the weather be? Will it rain?

Moab’s Canyon Country is known for its fantastic weather. In the spring and fall, daytime temperatures range from 60-80 degrees F, dropping to 30-50 degrees at night. Expect summer temperatures between 85 and 105 degrees during the day and 55-75 degrees at night. Rainstorms tend to be rare and short-lived in this area, but a light rain jacket may be handy for cool mornings or late afternoon showers. We recommend that you check the local weather before departing to see what is forecast during your trip. Always be prepared for the sun; wear sunscreen and a hat to protect your skin.

Can I bring my camera?

We encourage you to bring a camera to record your river adventure. Before your trip, stash it in two zip-lock bags and then put it in a small dry bag borrowed from our office. We can’t guarantee it will be water-tight in every situation, but this has proved a good option for easy access and storage.

May I bring my own beverages?

Water and lemonade are provided on the boats and at camp; however, a water bottle is nice to have during the day. You may also choose to bring soda or other beverages as space allows. Any wine or liquor will need to be packed in your dry bag. PLEASE DO NOT BRING GLASS.

NOTE: Alcohol consumed in excess can compromise a person’s judgment, putting his or her own safety at risk and disturbing the wilderness experience of others. If you view excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages as an essential element in rafting or camping, we suggest that you charter a private trip.

What are the meals like?

On multi-day trips, meals begin with lunch the first day and end with breakfast or lunch the last day. You’ll be more than surprised and delighted with the tasty entrees and sumptuous desserts our guides are able to whip up seemingly from out of nowhere. We use a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, cheese, and breads to provide a varied and well-rounded menu. If you have allergies or other special dietary needs, please let us know AT THE TIME OF RESERVATION. We will do our best to accommodate you.

What are the toilet facilities like?

Restrooms are available at our office, all major boat launch sites, and BLM campgrounds. A portable toilet will be set up in camp for your comfort and convenience. For privacy, it will be secluded behind a large rock or clump of trees or set up inside a “John” tent. The toilet will be available each evening and morning and for emergencies during the day. Our guides (both male and female) are sensitive to the unique challenges women may encounter while traveling in a wilderness area. Please don’t hesitate to ask if there are questions concerning these issues. Many women find it helpful to wear a two-piece swimsuit and/or have a skirt or wrap-around sarong for privacy and convenience. Ziploc bags are handy for storage and disposal of feminine hygiene products.