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Enjoy your outdoors experience

Our Equipment

The View From the Groover

Boats and Equipment

When it comes to creating an enjoyable, comfortable, and safe experience outdoors, we know that durable and high-quality equipment is paramount to the visitor experience both on and off the river.

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Paddle Raft

A paddle raft is a "hands-on" rafting experience. The guests on the boat do the paddling while the guide steers from the back. Paddle boats can be used on the Fisher Towers trips and depending on the water levels and group size they may be used in Westwater and Cataract Canyon.

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Row Raft

The workhorse riverboat used by our guides is the sturdy 18' self-bailing inflatable raft (or “rowboat”). On major whitewater trips, four to six guests enjoy canyon views and the thrill of roller coaster waves while the guide does the muscle work. Each raft carries necessary camping gear and supplies, including an ice chest and plenty of drinking water and lemonade.

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Inflatable Kayak

Our two-person inflatable kayaks are perfect for those adventurers who really like to take matters into their own hands and get up close and personal with the river. Often called "duckies" (because they follow the bigger boats through rapids like baby ducks), inflatable kayaks are stable, maneuverable, easy to learn and lots of fun! Duckies are most often used on Fisher Towers and Green River trips.

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S-Rig (Motor Rig)

When water levels surge in Cataract Canyon, we pull out the rugged S-Rig. This powerful motor-driven pontoon raft is extra long and wide for stability, with a flex point in the center that creates a thrilling roller coaster feel as you ride through massive waves. In between rapids, the wide deck provides plenty of room for sunbathing and relaxing as you soak in the views.

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Land Excursion Vehicle

We consider the Hummer to be the ultimate 4x4 because it provides the smoothest and most stable ride of any four-wheel-drive vehicle. A 4x4 Hummer Tour over the rolling sandstone fins and desert canyons outside Moab will really show off the driver’s skill and demonstrate the exciting things a Hummer is capable of doing.