Exciting and Relaxing all in one!

5-Day Cataract Canyon Canyon Expedition (5 days, 4 nights) Rowing Trip

Our longest Cataract Canyon trip provides ample time for you to explore the wonders of side canyons, relax in the sun as your guide dips quiet oars into the smooth water, and laugh around a campfire with newfound friends. The raucous waves of Rapid Day will provide an exciting contrast after you’ve grown accustomed to the immense quiet of 2,000’ canyon walls and smooth water.

What to Expect

DAYS 1-2: Guests meet at approximately 7:30 am at our office at 625 Riversands Road. We will give you an exact meeting time during check-in the day before your departure. Once your car is securely parked in our enclosed property, we recommend you leave your car keys behind in our office so they don’t take a swim if you do. If you don’t have a car, we can arrange transportation to our office. After everyone has loaded their bags, you’ll enjoy a scenic 30 minute ride to the launch site. Your trip leader and guides will then give an orientation on river safety and load everything up to get underway. The first two days will float by in a relaxing haze of sunbathing, swimming, and hiking to neat places. Each day you’ll pull into camp with plenty of time to set up a cozy home-away-from-home as the guides prepare a scrumptious dinner. Sleep cozy in your tent or under a brilliant sky of diamond stars if the weather is nice, and wake to a glowing sunrise and hearty breakfast.

DAY 3-4: Sometime toward the end of the third day you’ll enter Cataract Canyon proper at the confluence of the mighty Green and Colorado Rivers. You’ll feel the river’s personality change right away as it rushes through the boisterous waves of Brown Betty rapid. The sound of waves crashing will lull you to sleep as you dream of the exciting day to come. Day four gets off to an explosive start that continues through the 28 rapids that made this section famous. After riding through the rip-roaring rapids you’ll hear shouts of relief and excitement accompanied by dripping wet high-fives. This night at camp often features spirited retellings of the adventures of the day.

DAY 5: As you enter the waters of Lake Powell the trip will be joined by the 3 or 4 day motorized trip that will give our group a push across the lake. There you’ll have time for more relaxing, swimming, marveling at the majestic sandstone walls, and laughing with newfound friends. Early afternoon should see you at the Hite Marina area, unloading rafts and bidding farewell. Guests taking the scenic charter flight option will take their gear and fly back to Moab by approximately 4:00 p.m. Those having their car shuttled from Moab to Hite Marina should make arrangements ahead of time with our office.

What to Bring

    On a wilderness adventure, happiness is bringing less -- not more. The items on this list should meet your needs throughout your trip. The night before departure, you will receive two dry bags for your gear: a small one for personal items you’ll want to access during the day, and a larger one to hold your camping gear and a change of clothes. The larger dry bag will be secured to the raft and inaccessible during the day. It will come with a sleeping bag, pad, and ground tarp already inside, leaving room for a small nylon gym bags’ worth of clothes (about 12”x12”x24” - be mindful of this limited space as you pack). Do not bring backpacks or suitcases to the river. Choose clothing that will keep you comfortable through a full day under the sun and can get wet. Most guests meet at our office ready for rafting, but a changing area and restrooms are available if you prefer to travel in regular clothing and change there.

    Recommended Clothing:

    • Sun hat (and string to keep it from blowing off)
    • Quick drying shorts and/or swimming suit
    • T-shirts (Long sleeve is a good idea for sun protection in the hot summer months)
    • River sandals or two pairs tennis shoes (one to get wet, one for camp)
    • Lightweight long pants
    • Socks and underwear
    • Fleece jacket or sweatshirt
    • Rain gear

    Recommended Personal Items:

    • Plenty of sunscreen and lip balm (at least SPF 15)
    • Body lotion
    • Toothbrush and toothpaste
    • Biodegradable soap (such as Ivory)
    • Insect repellent (although the bugs are not bad in Westwater Canyon)
    • Small towel & personal hygiene items
    • Small pillow
    • Disposable moist towelettes
    • Kleenex (small travel packs)
    • Medication if needed
    • Extra pair prescription glasses or contact lenses
    • Sunglasses with safety strap
    • Flashlight or headlamp with extra batteries
    • Sport water bottle
    • Camera with extra batteries and storage media
    • Money for T-shirts, maps, stops at stores and gratuities at the end of the trip
    • Medium Ziploc bags – 5 or 6 for handy storage
What we Provide
  • Coast Guard Approved Type V lifejacket
  • Small dry bag for use on the river during the day
  • Large dry bag to store things you’ll need at camp
  • All rafting, safety, and camping equipment
  • Transportation from our office in Moab to the river and back
  • Hearty and delicious meals
  • Cold water and lemonade on the boats
  • The best licensed guides in the industry
  • Memories to last a lifetime!
    This trip launches on Tuesdays. Please email for available dates.
    Adults: $1099
    Youth (8-17): $999
    999 per person for group of 8 or more

Check Availability

Price includes camping equipment and return flight. Rates do not include 4% access fee or guide gratuity.

"Thank you so much for providing an extraordinary experience for us this year on our five day Cataract Canyon trip. We had perhaps the most memorable vacation ever! "

- Linda from California