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World Wide
River Expeditions
625 Riversands Rd
Moab, UT 84532
World Wide River Expeditions

River Classifications

Class I: Moving water with no rapids, easy small waves, clear passages; trips primarily focus on scenery and wildlife.
Class II: Medium, clear passages, irregular waves; whitewater is minimal but still provides some swift movement and a few refreshing splashes. Fun for the whole family.
Class III: Moderate whitewater; exciting but not too wild. Rapids are bigger and steeper and your face is getting wetter.
Class IV: High-volume whitewater and/or rapids that require technical maneuvering.
Class V: Maximum intensity whitewater: massive waves, churning holes, steep drops. Extremely difficult, long and turbulent rapids in quick succession, unpredictable currents, steep gradients.
Class VI: Extreme! The lunatic fringe. John knows someone who knows someone who knows someone else who ran this rapid and survived, but few others have dared try it. Not attempted by most commercial outfitters

Classifications of the rivers we run

Main Salmon River Rapid Classification: Class II-IV
Westwater Canyon, Colorado River Rapid Classification: Class II-IV
Cataract Canyon, Colorado River Rapid Classification: Class II-IV [May-June: IV-V]
Desolation and Grey Canyons, Green River Rapid Classification: Class II-III
Fisher Towers One and Two Day Trips, Colorado River Rapid Classification: Class II

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